The HORIZON HTS-550 Series

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The HORIZON HTS-550 Series Total Station is a complete package solution. It covers the entire fieldprocess in detail.Many improvements have been made to the HTS-550 Series. The robust exterior shell has been tested to with stand even greater rigorous use in various weather conditions The HTS-550 Series now features an ergonomic keyboard, and widescreen for user comfort. Simplified for ease of operation and programmed with new application features, like Coordinate Setting Out, it’s easy to grow in confidence with each usage.The HTS-550R Series Reflectorless Total Station offers the user the advantage of measurement without Reflectors and Prisms,while maintaining the features of the HTS-550 Total Station. A highly versatile laser aids the user in sighting and measurement of a distant target, increasing measurement effectiveness offered by the Reflectorless Technology of the HTS-550R
Product Features
Multi Features to suit all users HTS-550 Series Total Station isequipped with complete set of Surveying Programs and data recordand parameter setting functions,and is applicable for professionalall types of survey work.
Simplicity of Operations
The operation of HTS-550 SeriesTotal Station is user friendly andeasy to learn for the first timer.
Excellent Memory Management
The instrument adopts the programmodule with internal memoryand can record 10 000 pointsof data. The user can managethe memory with ease and add,delete, modify and transfer thedata as required.
Auto Data Collection& Transfer
 With the Automated Data CollectionSoftware, the user can recordSurveying Data and CoordinateData automatically, and transferthem between the instrument andcomputer for post-survey digitalprocessing.
The New EDM Head:Smaller & Faster
The appearance and internalstructure of the Total Station has beendesigned for greater efficiency.The EDM head is now smaller andfaster, making it more convenient forsurvey usage.
Special Surveying Programs
Besides the Basic Surveying Modes(Angle, Distance, coordinatemeasurement), this instrument isequipped with special surveyingprograms that can carry out REM, Angle Offset, MLM, Stalling-outby distance or coordinate-setting,among others, to meet even the moreobscure requirements of professionalsurveying.
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