HS Series 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner

HS Series high-precision 3D terrestrial laser scanner is completely self-developed by Hi-Target with pulsed type, full-waveform, high-precision and high-frequency, supporting the whole process of 3D laser point cloud processing software. With the characteristics of high measurement precision, high processing efficiency of point cloud, diversified application results,it’s widely used in the fields of digital cultural heritage, digital city, topographic mapping,deformation monitoring, digital factory, tunnel engineering, architecture BIM, etc.

Key features
High precision:8mm@100m
High frequency:Measurement rate up to 500,000 points/sec
Fully autonomous:Complete intellectual property rights and upgrade guaranteed
Easily extensible:External GPS, camera
Fully automatic:Intelligent automatic stitching with no target
Fully process:Self-developed software


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