iBeam Shallow Water Multi-beam Sounding System

iBeam shallow water multi-beam sounding system is researched and developed by ocean acoustic measurement technique joint laboratory established by Hi-target and acoustics institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is the first domestic high-end shallow multi-beam sounding system with real independent intellectual property rights. The system has already reached advanced level in the world compared with similar products in resolution ratio, sounding accuracy, whole machine performance and other indicators.

160° ultra wide coverage angle

iBeam shallow water multi-beam sounding system has a coverage angle of 160°, which greatly improved the measurement efficiency. iBeam receiving array is of inverted trapezoidal array design, and lunching array is of circular arc array design and combined the advantages of the offshore of v-shaped array acoustic axis, making coverage wider as well as the mounting more convenient.

1.25cm ultra high resolution

iBeam adopts Fourier transformation and phase technology to make sure the beams have a high resolution. The ping rate of sampling of 20Hz can provide data of high quality and at the same time ensure data density and resolution. In addition, iBeam adopts broadband technology, the beam Angle can reach 1° × 2°, and the depth resolution can reach 1.25 cm.

The beam number is up to 320

Compared with the same kind of multi-beam equipment, the number of beam of iBeam is more (with a maximum of 320). There are different work mode to choose from, equiangular or isometric function, to meet job requirements of different waters.

Low noise and low power consumption design

iBeam structure is compact with its system electronic all adopting the miniaturization design, and meanwhile uses low noise technology to improve system echo detection performance; also, the low power consumption design guarantees its stable operation in limited space.

Compact design and easy for loading and unloading

iBeam adopts international mainstream linear array design for easy mounting; the wet end is about 25kg, deck unit consists of tight junction box and the user’s computer, this kind of design allows rapid arrangement on site and greatly shortens the time of equipment installation and commissioning.

Powerful software of display and control

iBeam uses self-developed display and control software, the software is powerful, displayed in Chinese and has personalized interface. The users can look over iBeam multi-beam system state and set up the system.

First-class after-sale service

Hi-target has a perfect after-sale service system with several iBeam maintenance service centers, if the maintenance cannot be completed within 15 working days, we would provide free spare machine of the same model and same specifications. Our after-sales service is beyond the grasp of imported equipments.


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