Qstar GIS Collectors

Qstar8 brings the essential functionality for high accuracy GIS data collection in one device. It is also the most cost-effective high accuracy network RTK rover.

Shining Points

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5
806MHZ high-speed CPU
256M RAM, 8G flash memory

Higher accuracy
Advanced PPP technology

1.5M anti-drop, IP67
Integrated elaborate double color model

Main features
5 million pixel auto focus camera
Accurate centering mode
Integrated high accuracy G-sensor, Centering GNSS antenna phase center accurately
Electronically level GNSS antenna

Multiple wireless communication modes      
Integrated 3G communication function, Supports all 3G communication systems
Integrated Bluetooth, WIFI, USB communication , Makes wirelessly assist telemeter &detecting instrument etc. to work synchronously.

GNSS positioning technology        
With reliable GPS+GNSS positioning technology, you can work normally even under hard environmental conditions.
Support COMPASS satellite navigation system.
Advanced PPP technology realizehigher accuracy even just adopt single point positioning.

3.7 inch QVGA TFT, resolution: 640×480
8800mAh Li-ion battery, over 12 hours’ continuous work

Qstar 8
The most portable handheld RTK
Centimeter level high accuracy
Dual frequency GPS+ GNSS positioning
Meet your surveying requirements even under hard environmental conditions and most extreme weather conditions

Qstar 6
Sub-meter level accuracy
Flexible operation mode
GPS+ GNSS positioning

Qstar 5
Meters level high accuracy
Receive SBAS to get high accuracy within 1M
Bluetooth & WIFI realize Wireless Collaborative Operation


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