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UGIL is one of the leading Saudi provider of high precision Geographic Surveying & Mapping Equipment. Our main products include RTK GPS, handheld GPS, Total Station, theodolites, automatic levels, laser level and so on These kinds of products are widely used for high precision measurement surveying & mapping works, such as land & housing management, building, road railway & city infrastructure construction, Topographic, Cadastral, monitoring and mining, hydro & marine surveying projects

Our Sectors

Our involvement in diverse businesses, investments, and projects set up a clear road map that defines organizational excellence. Each sector is dealt with as a separate entity that has a dedicated team in managing the line of business successfully. Higher management will focus on supervision, development, and future opportunities.

Our Alliances

Located in Jeddah- the bride of the Red Sea- Hijaz region, we also operate out of several offices nationally and internationally. We represent several companies and are part of different businesses all over the world. The companies we represent believe in our successful contribution and operation of our business and continue with us by trusting us as we grow.

UGIL Products Line

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